We're seeing crazy things happen on the TSX and Dow Jones. It's shocking to me to see the fall in market points, only to see it regain the next day. These types of market swings shake consumer confidence, and frustrate most investors.

Personally, I don't invest in stocks and funds...I am a huge proponent of buying real estate as a solid investment. However, there is a growing feeling among real estate investors that perhaps we are at the top prices right now. I tend to feel that this might be the case.

Historically, we have seen significant market adjustments occur in the middle of the fall market. The most recent adjustment occurred in October 2010.  With this in mind, I am suggesting to my investor clients that they consider selling immediately where possible. Depending on the location of the property, we typically see homes for sale on the market for an average of 30-40 days. With that in mind, we would need to get things going right away to avoid the October crunch.

Give me a call if you'd like to discuss this issue further. I always love talking real estate!