Some of you know that I love sparkly accessories. Tracy, one of my friends, sells Stella and Dot jewellery and I do my part to support her growing business. Rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are fun ways to change a look and spruce up an outfit.

The same concept applies to fixtures in a house. In my opinion, lighting, faucets and tiles are the jewellery of the home. These items take a builder grade, standard feature house, and pump it up to the next level of style. With a few main items, buyers will be struck with the feeling of upscale living. The trick is that these well placed items do not have to cost an arm and a leg.

The difference in cost for builder grade light fixtures and more elaborate, ornate light fixtures maybe as little as $100. But I have seen buyers reactions during open houses and when showing my clients various homes. These subtle details signal to buyers that the current owners have paid extra attention to the home. It sets the expectation of buyers for higher end finishes.

Buyers will remember the home apart from the others ie. “Remember the home with the crystal wall scones in the entrance?” or “I loved the kitchen with the tumbled marble back splash.”  

For very little money, and an afternoon of work to “Bling It Up”, your home can stand out from all the others on the market, and you can net more $$$ overall.