I can't tell you how many emails and calls I got on Monday about the early morning home invasion on Kleinburg's sleepy Treelawn Blvd. As police released information, it became clear that one of our own community members was violently attacked in his home. While the details remain confidential, this crime as shaken the the neighborhood's feeling of security. A Kleinburg family has lost a sense of safety in their own home.

As I do most Monday mornings, I was enjoying my coffee with some of my local girlfriends, when two York Regional Police Officers strolled into Starbucks. Call it a quiet community, but the cops don't frequent our local coffee shop very often. While they picked up their coffee, they told us that they were helping out in the investigation. 


Here are a few things that they mentioned we can do to help keep our community a safe place to live and raise a family:

  • Observe the unusual. If it looks out of place, take notice. Jot down license plates of out of place vehicles and note their comings and goings.
  • If someone looks like they are lingering in a car for an usual length of time, call and report it. The police will often drop by and ask what the "lingerer" is doing around our neighborhood.
  • Get to know your neighbors so that we can keep each other safe.
  • Consider a home alarm system that incorporates video footage.


The police have asked for us to review our home camera systems for any exterior footage that might have captured images of the assailants. I hope, more than anything, that they are able to find our neighbors attackers and bring them to justice.