Fall is tree planting time in Kleinburg. This year was no exception either!

Early Saturday morning, a group of local residents and staffers from the TRCA gathered at the end of Weaver Crt to help plant Kleinburg's New Forest North.

What was once a barren field between Hwy 27 and the Treelawn subdivision, is slowly transitioning into a green space filled with native species shrubs and trees.

Although the forecast called for rain and wind, it held off until our happy crew of volunteers finished planting a total of 270 sapplings. Some of us enjoyed the donated hot chocolate from our local Starbucks! Thank you!

Bob Klein and his gang of "Old Boys" got an early start and worked hard to get a head start. They enjoyed a little rest while watching the younger kids mucking around in the soggy earth.

Sue Amadeo worked her magic at the school for a couple of weeks in advance, and she encouraged the little ones from KPS to come out and help.

Thanks also to Barb Wolf, who quietly gets things moving, and helped coordinate the older kids from Emily Carr. Also present were a gang of Girl Guides under the "guidance" of Ivy Morabito!


They certainly weren't scared of getting muddy. In fact, they may have started a new fashion trend for Kleinburg!

Thanks to all who came and made a great effort to help our community grow green!