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3 quick ways to kill an offer

by Claire Franceschetti


Top mistakes sellers make that kill the chances of seeing offers:
1. Stay at home during the showings and escort the buyers and their agent around. This makes buyers terribly uncomfortable and unable to make comments to one another. Further, it makes it hard for the buyer to envision their life in the house with the old owners trailing behind (or in front of them). One study showed that buyers don't look at rooms that are occupied by the sellers, so it's better to clear out when showings are happening.

2. Limiting showing times.
When sellers won't allow showings at certain times, the buyers will skip seeing the property and move onto the next available home. Where absolutely possible, allow buyers in to see the home. If they can't get in on the first try, they often don't return and find another suitable option amongst your competition. Remember: If a home cannot be seen, it will not be sold.

3. Sellers chat about the neighborhood with the buyers


I recently showed a house to my buyer clients. They have lovely school aged children. One of their priorities was to find a home in a good school district. My client asked the sellers if their grown children had attended the local school. The seller cautioned that she wouldn't dream of sending her kids to the local public school and that she had sent them to private schools. It made my clients question the quality of the local school, and the overall neighborhood too!  It was an innocent inquiry, but the response from the sellers killed any future possibility for my buyer clients.

In my experience, it is best for sellers and buyers to have minimal contact. Innocent chit chat can tip a negotiation and even kill a deal before it has a chance to come together.

Michael Jackson Lives in Vaughan!

by Claire Franceschetti

Get your glitter gloves out, you red leather zipper jackets and slip on your floods with loafers 'cuz the Michael Jackson Tribute concert in the park is heading our way on Tuesday June 19, 2012.  This free community event is always a summer hi light for my family and we have already begun the count down for this year.

Last year, Katie Perry and Lady Gaga graced the stage of our local Sonoma Heights Community Park.  My kids felt that they were at a big time rock concert, and my 8 year old daughter almost died when she saw me dancing in the mosh pit for "Born This Way".  (Just wait until she sees me busting out my Thriller moves). 

Here are a couple of tips for this event:

-Concert starts at 7:30 pm, but arrive early to get a closer vantage point, 

-Bring your own lawn chairs and carry a little pocket change for the ice cream truck,

-Concert is weather permitting with no set rain date,

-Bring a camera because the performers will pose for pictures if asked.

For more details on the free community concert series in Vaughan Go to

See you there...You might even find me somewhere at the front of the mosh pit!



Open House Tips: How to Shop Smart

by Claire Franceschetti

The spring season of Open Housing is well upon us. Here are 5 great questions to ask at an open house. You might find out some interesting info:
1. How old is the house? And age of high ticket items like windows,a roof (both shingles and plywood), furnace etc. This will give you a quick idea of immediate  areas of concern.

2. Why are the owners selling? Rarely asked by "open housers" but very valuable info in learning about the neighborhood and the motivation of the sellers. If you are new to the area, this will be a good opportunity to get any indication of major transitions that are coming up for the area. I.e. new highway going in behind the subdivision or the flight paths of the nearby airport have recently been rerouted right over the home!
3. Is the basement apartment licensed? If it is, 50% of the income that is generated by the rental can be counted towards your annual income in the eyes of many lenders. If it isn't, you may face problems with the local zoning department and bylaw officers. (I suspect that bylaw officers glean the current listings to find tip offs about illegal apartments in houses that are listed for sale.)
4. Has the house ever been used as a grow op? Sellers and their agents have the legal obligation to disclose this info as it can negatively impact the value of the home long into the future. Further, this obligation to disclose this fact survives any subsequent changes in ownership, and can never be withheld to potential buyers.
5. Has anyone passed away in the home? This may or may not be of significance to you, but if it is, the agent has a duty to disclose any knowledge of this fact to you.

Enjoy looking at Open Houses. When you are ready to "kick it up a notch", I welcome your call!

Enjoy the Virtual Tour of 149 Pacific Avenue in High Park

by Claire Franceschetti

Please enjoy the virtual tour of my latest listing 149 Pacific Ave in High Park, Toronto.

I did an open house last weekend and I was run off my feet with people wanting to see it. When I asked how they had heard about the property, they raved about the online pictures and virtual tour. In fact, it looked so good that a professional photographer came by and asked if she could shoot the home for several design magazines in Canada!

You be the judge: Is staging and professional photography really worth it? Of course! If your agent is doing this for your home, you are being short changed! BTW, you are welcome to drop by and visit my open houses on Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3 for your actual "live" tour!

Enjoy the tour!

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4

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