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Kleinburg Pumpkins ROCKED this Year!

by Claire Franceschetti

Despite the rain, the kids and pumpkins were out this year! We only got about 30 total kids, which is much lower than last year's 120 head count.

Unfortunately, due to Sandy the Hurricane, the rain never let up and we ended up with umbrellas all around.

During our neighborhood tour, I took pictures of the creative pumpkins.

I won't tell you which one is mine, but let's just say, I sell houses better than I carve pumpkins. (Must have missed that class!!!)


Check these ones out! Which is your favorite?









Will Hurricane Sandy Soak Your Home?

by Claire Franceschetti

Every news station is covering it: Hurricane Sandy is a force to be reckoned with. New York has closed its subway, bridges and even the stock exchange!


Hurricane Sandy

While we might not have to deal with the brunt of the storm like our neighbors to the south, residents of Southern Ontario should prepare for record rainfall this week. With such high levels of precipitation, homeowners can help prevent water damage to their homes. 


Here are a few simple precautions to focus on:

Gutters - Ensure all gutters and downspouts are in good condition and discharge rain water at least six feet away from the house. Gutters are prone to leakage of the joints and seams. Missing end caps and poor connections to downspouts are other common sources of leakage. Homeowners should ensure that both gutters and downspouts are clear of debris especially with all the leaves that have fallen in recent weeks. For more information click here.


Grading - Remember, no foundation wall system is completely waterproof. Ensure all grading is sloped to direct water away from the house and foundation. Also, weeping tiles should be in place to funnel the water away from the house.




Window Wells - If you have window wells make sure they are clear of debris and in good condition. They are a common source of basement water leakage.



Sump Pumps-Check your pump motor with every change of season. Inspect the power source for wiring condition, and test the on/off mechanism to ensure that it clicks on when the float is elevated.


Sources indicate that more than 90% of homes will leak at some point - Make sure it's not your house this week!

Are you a Part Time Buyer? Well, Of Course NOT!!!

by Claire Franceschetti

Part Time Sellers? Part Time Buyers?

Are you a part time seller or a part time b
uyer? Of course not. When you're looking to sell or find a new home, there is no half way about it.

Let me share a story that will demonstrate the possible liability of using a part time agent. Recently I sold a condo just north of Toronto.

When I received the offer, I was surprised to see that the buyer had excluded all the stainless steel appliances, window coverings, and light fixtures.  Although not common, occasionally buyers want to purchase their own items, and don't want any "used" chattels at all. In this case, this exclusion
totalled about $9000 worth of of washers, dryers, fridges, stoves, dishwashers and light fixures for the entire home. I suspected that the agent made a mistake and excluded all these items in error. Perhaps the agent had intended to include them in the offer?

Acting as the agent for the seller, I explained the offer as it was submitted, and explained that my client was in a position to keep all the appliances for her next home. This was ideal since she was building a new house, and would need to purchase new appliances when the project was completed. We discussed the possibility that this was anerror on the part of the buyer's agent, and that it was likely a major oversight.

My client (such a lovely lady!) decided that rather than accepting the offer as written, she directed me to verify whether the buyers really wanted to exclude all the appliances etc.

Sure enough, the agent had excluded all chattels in error and her clients wanted every inclusion. She suddenly realized that the seller was in a position to accept the offer and keep close to $10,000 in appliances. I am certain that the agent would have been held liable for this mistake, and would have to pay for all the missing items.


Now, a $10,000 error can be corrected with some effort, but there many liabilities involved in Real Estate transactions. I have to ask people who are using part-time agents: What part of professional service is not important?

For a list of important questions to ask an agent before hiring them, check out my blog on Interview Questions!

Tree Planting Time Again!

by Claire Franceschetti

Fall is tree planting time in Kleinburg. This year was no exception either!

Early Saturday morning, a group of local residents and staffers from the TRCA gathered at the end of Weaver Crt to help plant Kleinburg's New Forest North.

What was once a barren field between Hwy 27 and the Treelawn subdivision, is slowly transitioning into a green space filled with native species shrubs and trees.

Although the forecast called for rain and wind, it held off until our happy crew of volunteers finished planting a total of 270 sapplings. Some of us enjoyed the donated hot chocolate from our local Starbucks! Thank you!

Bob Klein and his gang of "Old Boys" got an early start and worked hard to get a head start. They enjoyed a little rest while watching the younger kids mucking around in the soggy earth.

Sue Amadeo worked her magic at the school for a couple of weeks in advance, and she encouraged the little ones from KPS to come out and help.

Thanks also to Barb Wolf, who quietly gets things moving, and helped coordinate the older kids from Emily Carr. Also present were a gang of Girl Guides under the "guidance" of Ivy Morabito!


They certainly weren't scared of getting muddy. In fact, they may have started a new fashion trend for Kleinburg!

Thanks to all who came and made a great effort to help our community grow green!

Are You Fit to Sell? Check out the Info Packed Video

by Claire Franceschetti



Open Housing Anyone? Come See me at 140 Kingscross Drive

by Claire Franceschetti

Calling all Buyers! Here's an opportunity to see a stunning executive estate in the heart of King City.

Please come to my open house on Sunday October 21 2012 from 2-4 pm, and see this beautifully updated 5 bedroom bungalow. The 2 acre property boasts manicured lawns and hardwood forest.

Free pumpkins for the kids too! Give me a call for more info and directions! Everyone is welcome!

http://<a href="">140 kingscross virtual tour</a>

Proud Kleinburg Moment: Rezonance Rocks!

by Claire Franceschetti

So, I'm having lunch with a few of my Kleinburg girlfriends on Tuesday, and Anna tells me that her son's choir has won a competition to preform with Marianis Trench on Friday night in Barrie.

Ok, so I think I'm cool, but she may as well have been talking Chinese, because I had no clue who MT was...Could have been Tafelmuzic for all I know! Any how, after our lunch I did a little research on YouTube, and Bingo, I found her son and some of the other local Kleinburg and Woodbridge kids singing Fallout by MT. This is the clip that won them a Rock concert performance on Friday.

I get such a kick out of knowing that there's great talent among our local youth! Good luck guys! Enjoy!

"Claire, How's The Market?" September Results are Out!

by Claire Franceschetti

"Claire! How's the Market?"  It's a question I field every day. And a big part of my job is to keep current and informed on the market trends. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) releases actual sales numbers every month. This report is called "The Market Watch", and is available here on-line.

Take a look at this video that gives a quick overview of the GTA's current trends for September. In a nut shell, prices are standing firm, but the number of sales is down significantly for this September as compared to September 2012.



Watch Out: Cyberspace Real Estate Scammers Are Everywhere!

by Claire Franceschetti


1. The "rent overpayment" scam.

A landlord advertises a home for rent on a website such as Kijiji and Craig's List. They receive a call from someone outside the country who says the place is perfect for their child, who will be attending university nearby. You ask for $1,000 up front. They send you a cheque for $10,000. You call them to say that they overpaid. They ask you to send them the difference of $9,000. You do this. They then quickly cash your cheque, while the $10,000 cheque never clears your bank. Now you are out $9,000.
2.  The "rent out what you don't own" scam.

Here, the scam artists advertise various homes for rent on social media websites but they don't own them and don't have the authority to do so. They then collect the rent and when the tenant shows up at the home with their moving truck, the duped tenants find out about the fraud.


3.  The "I'll give you a loan for the title" scam.

Not necessarily a cyber scam...but good to know about too!

Know also as a form of foreclosure fraud, this happens when home owners are having problems making their payments. Victim-owners are tricked into transferring their property title in return for a loan that will help them make their payments. The fraudsters usually keep the payments that the home owners make in good faith but also keep the title to the home, which they can resell or re-mortgage.
4.  The straw buying scam.

And one more to watch out for:

This occurs when someone with good credit is convinced to put their name on a mortgage application for a home that someone else will be buying, usually in return for quick cash. The scam artist then puts a large mortgage on the property, based on the good credit of the duped applicant, then takes all the money and never makes a payment. The mortgagor then find out that they have in fact guaranteed the mortgage and owe the payments themselves.

Here are 3 important tips to avoiding these scams: 

 1.Never accept money, guarantee a loan or add your name to a mortgage unless you fully intend to purchase the property.

2.Always know who you are doing business with. If you are buying, selling or renting a home, use only licensed Real Estate Agents and other industry professionals. And never sign anything until you know exactly what you are signing.

3.Find out who actually owns any property you are thinking about buying or renting. If a deposit is required, make sure the funds are held “in trust” by the seller’s real estate agent or lawyer.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Hockey Strike/Lock Out Blues? Me too...

by Claire Franceschetti

One of my dear friends just shared this with me, and I wanted to share it with you! Winter is long and cold in Canada, and we're missing our NHL. Thank goodness I have a bunch of kids that play hockey so we can cheer on our own kids and take a pass on the millionaire owners and players.

What do you think? Enjoy!

P.S. (I'll never hear the call of "2 minutes for roughing" in the same way!!!)


Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 12

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