Most people do spring cleaning in, well, spring. I'm not crazy about spending hours doing chores...In fact it's something I avoid where possible! That being said, I love the feeling of being organized and having a clean environment in which to work. For me, January is the month when I prepare for the New Year, and I try to make room for new adventures and opportunities in my life.

Here's what I do first: Clean Up My Schedule

I have started freeing up my time. This means that I limit my time watching TV in the evenings. In fact, if you ask my husband, he'll confirm that I don't watch TV anymore. (He's good with this, as he can watch all the UFC he wants!). Further, I try to limit computer time in the evenings as it always turns into working at home! Now that I have made the conscious decision not to watch TV and surf at night, I have found more time for reading, catching up with friends, and getting organized for the next day.

Next: Out with the Old

I'm clearing out the old "stuff" and making physical space in my life. I don't keep knick-knacks as I consider them dust collectors. I'm trying to file the pile of bills on my desk more regularly. And I have resolved to pitch out old, unworn clothes as soon as I purchase new ones. I like the feeling of plenty of space in my closets. It gives me "peace" of mind. These simple acts of cleaning out seem to help me achieve my goals as they translates into calm, openness, and simplicity. After all, in a freshly weeded garden, new ideas can sprout and take root.

Trim the Dead Wood

On her 75th birthday one month ago, my mom told me that she doesn't have enough time to waste it with people she doesn't love to be with. Hummm I thought, very insightful. It left me asking “Who fuels my energy and enthusiasm and who must be left?” I have resolved to spend more time that make me feel good about life and the future. Those who always seem to be struggling and battling with themselves are seeing less of me. I have been blessed with a great group of friends and clients. I get so much back by being a trusted friend and advisor that I find the more energy I give out, the more I get back. I have found that my circle of friends has morph into a community that supports your goals and fuels my enthusiasm.

I'm making room for the New Year; it is here and it's going to be great!