Top mistakes sellers make that kill the chances of seeing offers:
1. Stay at home during the showings and escort the buyers and their agent around. This makes buyers terribly uncomfortable and unable to make comments to one another. Further, it makes it hard for the buyer to envision their life in the house with the old owners trailing behind (or in front of them). One study showed that buyers don't look at rooms that are occupied by the sellers, so it's better to clear out when showings are happening.

2. Limiting showing times.
When sellers won't allow showings at certain times, the buyers will skip seeing the property and move onto the next available home. Where absolutely possible, allow buyers in to see the home. If they can't get in on the first try, they often don't return and find another suitable option amongst your competition. Remember: If a home cannot be seen, it will not be sold.

3. Sellers chat about the neighborhood with the buyers


I recently showed a house to my buyer clients. They have lovely school aged children. One of their priorities was to find a home in a good school district. My client asked the sellers if their grown children had attended the local school. The seller cautioned that she wouldn't dream of sending her kids to the local public school and that she had sent them to private schools. It made my clients question the quality of the local school, and the overall neighborhood too!  It was an innocent inquiry, but the response from the sellers killed any future possibility for my buyer clients.

In my experience, it is best for sellers and buyers to have minimal contact. Innocent chit chat can tip a negotiation and even kill a deal before it has a chance to come together.