It's the day of your open house. Here are 10 quick fixes that need to get done before the public comes through:

1. Remove all jewelry from plain view and store it away in a secure spot.

2. Open the windows and let some fresh air in. This is especially important if you had fish or something pungent for dinner the night before.

3. Take all laundry to the washer and hide it inside the machine.

4. Unplug the air fresheners as they make buyers suspicious that the owner is hiding something.

5.  Turn on all the lights.

6.  Close toilet covers. Replenish toilet paper.

7. Remove all the garbage from indoor waste baskets.

8.  Remove any documents that disclose valuable info for buyers i.e. that you have purchased another home, that you are experiencing financial difficulty or that their is marital difficulty. These can be seen as indications of the owner's motivation to sell.

9.  Hide or remove small electronics (ipods and mp3"). Removing any temptation for sticky fingers is better than being disappointed later on.

10. Cut the lawn, remove flyers and papers from outside. Curb appeal is a first impression, and really does make a huge difference to buyers.

Good luck with the open house!